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Hi everyone!  I made it back to NY...sadly, leaving behind the most incredible experience of my life!  The memories will comfort and embrace me until I return to Italy.  Yes, I am seriously thinking in that way.  My favorite memories are Rome (with its ruins, fountains & history at every corner), the Cinque Terre area, the mountains of Switzerland (magnificent vistas everywhere), being with Italian family & friends, (& walking the land of my grandparents), and the wonderful people that I met along the journey.  I have returned with pictures, stories, and many e-mail addresses of friends I made along the way.  I realize how important language can be...a powerful source for survival in other countries, and return here with a vow to continue practicing Italian vocabulary and phrases.  I cannot begin to share all the wonderful memories, but will soon be working on the pictures I've taken in Italy, Switzerland & Spain, and add the best of them onto this blog site, a task which will take at least a couple weeks.  I hope you will check in then, and enjoy a little more of my incredible journey.  Thank you for coming on this journey with me, and for all your wonderful messages.          Till then, take care... ciao,ciao!  Mom/Donna   

Tuesday May 08 2007

posted 08 May 2007


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