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Kai Kishi - Around the world in 21 days.
Tuesday December 18 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007


            Hello, my name is Kai Kishi Im a surgeon that needs to break the monotony of life, this is why I am going on this pilgrimage.  I will be accompanied by four of my closest friends.  First, is our pilot, Mitchel Sambrano, who is quite apt at his trade, he will be our main means of transportation during our pilgrimage around the world.  Then comes Styson Koide a marvelous architect with a love for his work equaled by none.  Next is a fellow that most would call a bit shady, Jermaine Vitales is a man who partakes in many different games of chance.  Finally is my dearest friend and neighbor, Preston Vierra, still a student, with a miraculous head on his shoulders.  This only leaves me, a devout sense of stoicism, spawned from my profession.


            We leave today, and as I arrived at the airport I saw my friends waiting for, it seems I was last again, but that only a petty thought in their heads as they greeted me with smiles and hugs.  We arrived at Mitchels plane and boarded, this was truly the first step in our journey of a thousand miles.



Tuesday, October 30. 2007


            We arrived early in the day, and unanimously voted to go our own ways at our first stop.  Los Angles, California a land of mystery to this outsider, but I knew where I was going Hollywood.  As I walked down the street I saw a man, I knew this man from someplace then it hit me like a ton of bricks, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or should I say Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  I started to walk in his direction, but I was intercepted no more then ten feet from him, by two men in black suits and sunglasses.  Needless to say I was frightened by them at first but after kindly asking Arnold to they let me through to him and we talked for more then a while.  I had lost track of time and needed to leave before I was late, as I stood up to leave Arnold, or Arnie as he wished me to call him said Would you like a ride to the airport?  Now only a madman would turn down an opportunity to ride with Arnold, and as I pulled up to the curb my friends gawked in awe as Arnold stepped out and shook my hand. 


            As we walked through the terminal they asked me many questions about the Governor, that quite frankly I had no idea what the answers were.  After a through rundown of my day I asked them of there day.  Styson looked at the buildings, Preston went to see his favorite team the Lakers, Jermaine made some money, and Mitchel went all over.  Our first day was great experience for me and my friends, and I hope for many more to come.








Wednesday, October 31, 2007


            Jermaine could hardly hold back his anticipation to reach our next stop.  He said it was like his home away from home, Las Vegas, the city of lights.  We landed and disembarked, I like Jermaine went straight to the casinos for some good old fashion gambling.  Jermaine gave some pointers as we walked over and before I knew it we were there.  I walked in and was over come by the sights and sounds, I looked over to Jermaine and as he pulled out his sunglasses he said quite calmly You get used to it, and walked into the sea of people out of my vision.  I wandered aimlessly for about ten minutes until I stumbled into a craps table, so I decided to play.  I won a little, then I won a lot, but the greed overcame me and it was almost like I was blinded by it.  Soon after being consumed by these selfish desires, I lost it all back, and still shocked I started a scene, kind of like the one from Rush Hour 2, except I got thrown out at the end of mine.


            I was now out on the street, lonely and sad I walked down the sidewalk with my hands in my pocket and my head hung low.  I then bumped into two scantily dressed women, they asked me what was wrong and if I need a friend, I replied No, I dont need any new friends just my old ones, they then walked away, and I continued my walk back to the airport.  I arrived first for once which only deepened my sorrow, I then continued to reflect on how I could have walked away with money in my pocket instead of letting the darker side of my person come out.  I said nothing of my adversity to my friends instead I changed the subject and moved on.  My hopes are high for a better tomorrow.



Thursday, November 01, 2007


            There is only one place I could think of going in Florida, Disney Land!  I walked alone that day after the ordeal I had the prior day.  As I arrived at the park gates I saw a people, lots of people, so many people that they could make there own city.  As I gazed upon the snaking line of people just to get in I shook my head turned and thought to myself that it would take me the whole day to even get through the door.  Disgruntled and malcontent I sat next to a pleasant looking river.  I looked into the river and saw bubbles, I thought How curious?  I pondered what was doing this, the first thing that came to me was from a show called Survivorman, and he said it was either an alligator or a volcanic crack releasing sulfuric gases, I felt it was the former rather then the later.  I stood slowly and tried not to make sudden movements, but it was to late the gator was upon me, and as we fought we tussled and turned, until I arose scared shitless and run. 


My pow wow with the gator left me little time to return to the plane, it was a photo finish.  I then went on to tell my friends about the ten foot alligator (wink wink) I had just fought.






Friday, November 2, 2007


            The Big Apple, New York City, I seemed so small in comparison to its sizeable skyscrapers, but nothing could bring me back to Earth after all the praise from my fellow pilgrims for the alligator incident.  The Empire State building was my first stop, and I traversed the distance in no time.  I walked in the front doors and proceeded to the stairs, yes I planed to scale the mammoth of a building, all 102 flights of stairs.  At the time I didnt know that that was 1860 steps, like they say ignorance is bliss.  I climbed, and climbed then I rested and repeated the process, all the way to the top.  Needless to say I was pooped but the view was super, and as I looked out over the edge I saw a an iconic figure that most any one could name.  There she stood in all her glory, and at that moment I knew what my next stop was, The Statue of Liberty.  The walked seemed shorter then it should have been, but was a trifle as I basked in the glory.  Only a short boat ride was between me and her now.  As a scaled the statue I was filled with patriotism, I spend very little time there before departing for home, I wish my stay could have been longer.


            Today was a day of deep thought on my part and also of self discovery.  The others were just as happy as I was and we all boarded the plane with high spirits.           

Saturday, November 3, 2007


            The next stop of our journey was our first out of state location, so as we exited the plane we readied our passports and I.Ds for the upcoming shake down.  They asked us the whole nine yards, Where are you coming from, are you bringing any illegal items with you, what is the nature of your visit, the usual.  We all made it through okay and without any problems, so together we all took our first steps into Canada.  We then separated as we usually did, but it was so cold I really couldnt even think of something other then GET MY ASS OUT THE COLD!!!!!  Being from such a warm place as Hawaii I could grasp the concept of how cold it would be in Canada, when I thought of Canada I always thought of hockey, maple leaves, and lumberjacks.  I denied myself the comfort of a warm cozy lodge and trekked to the one place I could see all my Canadian hopes and dreams in one place.  I was going to see a hockey team composed of former lumberjacks called The Maple Leaves.  As I entered the rink and walked out onto the ice to meet one of the players I was body checked onto the ice.  I had forgotten the cardinal rule of ice rinks look both ways before getting onto the ice.  I laid there out cold (no pun intended) and as I came to and found myself still out on the ice I looked at my watch OH NO!!! I was late for the plane.


            I arrived at the plane still a little wobbly from my icy encounter with death.  We boarded the plain, but the most peculiar thing happened to us as we cruised down the runway.  A reindeer ran in front of the plane and Mitch tried to swerve right, but so did the reindeer.  The poor reindeer I thought as we returned to the hanger, we arrived and as soon as we did a man, about my age, asked me what happened, I simply replied We hit a reindeer, then came one of the stupidest questions of all time. 

Were you on the ground?

No, Santa was getting an early start this year!



Sunday, November 4, 2007


            We departed Canada a little behind schedule, but we got to Alaska none-the-less.  It was cold here to, but this time I wasnt going to an ice rink, I was going kayaking in the glacial waters of Alaska.  I walked down the coast a ways until found a suitable spot for me to launch.  Many minutes later I found what I was looking for, a glacier falling into the ocean, like the ones you see on T.V. I was all teary just from the sight of it.  I sat in the water and just drifted, gazing in reverence to the majestic beauty of it all.  The paddle back seemed shorter then the paddle out, maybe because of the mind blowing experience that I had just witnessed in person. 


            Alaska was the best stop yet, and I hope it wasnt the only one of its kind.  I reflected upon my experience as we taxied along the runway.  We left Alaska, a true winter wonderland.





Monday, November 5, 2007


            The next stop was by far the most exciting for me, Japan land of the rising sun and home of my forefathers, this was going to be truly sugoi (Awesome).  We landed my heart pounding, my legs ready to carry me across the country, I was so anxious I almost jumped out of the plane.  Everyone was my height and my nationality, I felt like one of them except for the shorts, nobody had shorts.  My first stop was an alley lined with vending machines, I looked at them and some I could distinguish like Coke and Pepsi, but I didnt come to Japan to buy American sodas, I came for something different.  I find a machine with a line, a line now of at least five people, so I got in line to.  I thought it must be good if theres a line for it so I looked at what came out, a capsule no more of a pod came out.  I stood in line thinking of what the contents might be, till I got to the machine, I inserted my coins and pushed some crazy looking kanji, and I had it a pod of my own.  I walked of to side and let the people behind me go.  It was almost like slow motion as I opened the mystery pod womens underwear!  First came the confusion, WTF? then the gravity of the situation hit me, I just bought underwear!! I wanted something different and I got something off the radar.


            I had decided to stay In Japan longer then one day, because of my heritage.  Tomorrow I was heading to Yamaguchi the home of my forefathers, maybe there in the quiet countryside I would find myself.  

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


            My second day in Japan was just beginning and it was great.  I had fulfilled another of my goals in Japan that night, and that was sleeping in one of those pull out cubicles.  I was heading to Yamaguchi today to see the land from whence I came.  On the train there it was a really, really, REALLY tight fit, and I think somebody felt me up on the train maybe it was an accident.  When I arrived it was a nice quaint little farming village.  When I looked upon the land before me I had one of those 13th Warrior moments when they say the phrase Lo, there do I see my father.  Lo, there do I see my mother and my sister it was kind of freaky.  As I walked down the unpaved streets of Yamaguchi I came across a field and in this field was a samurai.  He was in full armor and had a real katana that he was practicing with.  I admired his spirit and while I watched him I thought of a knight from the European countries.  On the way home the train wasnt as pack as during rush hour, and I thought about the conversation me and the samurai would have had if I knew Japanese fluently.


            I boarded the plane with my new souvenir and a new respect for my culture.  The others looked particularly happy so I felt this long stay in Japan was successful.



Wednesday, November 7, 2007


             Next we were visiting another Asian country, China.  We touched down and coasted to our hanger, each of us then exited the plane and proceeded to the bustle of the outside street.  The first thing I did was flag down one of those rickshaw things so I could ride to go see the Great Wall of China.  The Great Wall, 4,000 miles of hand built wall now loomed before me.  More then two million lives were lost over the century long construction.  The wall was awe inspiring and brought me to my knees not really but you get how cool the wall is.  I climbed atop the wall and started to traverse the length of the wall.  I walked from one guard tower to the next.  The landscaped beyond the wall is practically untouched, kindling an even deeper and more intense reverence for the country of Chinese.


            The rickshaw ride back to the airport was actually not pleasant at all.  The Chinese man pulling it was aiming for the potholes and bumps.  He was not a good dri no hmm what do you call someone that pulls a rickshaw?  Well, what ever he would be called he was bad at it.  This left me a little salty after my super day.










Thursday, November 8, 2007


            Next was the neighboring country of Mongolia.  I really didnt know what I was going to do in Mongolia.  I walked around for a while and just looked at the cities architecture.  This took up a good hour or two, until I bumped into a man dressed in tradition Mongolian clothing.  By nature I said excuse me and to my surprise he said it back to me in English, unless I some how learned Mongolian.  I was delighted to here something I could understand and I offered to help him carry his things back to his home.  We walked and talked for only a short time until we came upon a large structure that looked nothing like a home.  We entered and I saw that it wasnt a home but a church.  I then concluded that my friend must be a monk of some sort.  I never asked his name but I knew he would still speak to me if I didnt know it.  I talked with him for a time about the history of the Mongolian church and was then off to the airport to catch the plane.


            I learned a lot about Tengriism from my sagacious friend, like how the meaning of life is seen as living in harmony with the surrounding world.  They also believe that Heaven, Earth, the spirits of nature and the ancestors provide every need and protect all humans.  This was pretty cool, and one day I hope that we will all have a unified multi-cultural religion what I can dream right.



Friday, November 9, 2007


            We now moved to Mongolias neighboring country, Russia.  The former Soviet Union is the biggest country in the world, but for being the biggest country they have a lot of snow.  In Russia I wanted to see the Cossack dance and the site of the Berlin wall.  I first wanted to see the dance in person because it is super cool and because I cant do it.  I sought out a dance studio that specialized in that traditional dance of the Cossack people.  I entered and they greeted me with smiles and many hand shakes, which are by far the firmest hand shakes I have ever felt.  They sat me down in the corner and started to dance, the dance made me smile.  After the first dance they invited me in, but not knowing how to dance really stopped me from dancing.  After I turned them down they offered to teach me, which I snatched up in the blink of an eye.  The lesson started and I looked like a fool, I knew this because they all laughed at me when I tried.  After a few tries I got the rhythm and really started to dance.  I was having so much fun learning how to dance I had to leave and go straight to the airport without going to see the Berlin wall site.


            Even though I didnt do everything on my check list I had learned to dance kinda.  At the airport I showed of my skills to my companions and they were smiling ear to ear. 






Saturday, November 10, 2007


            We now traveled to Germany.  In Germany I knew that I was going to eat some gnarly bratwurst sausages and a Bavarian cream puff.  I got these at a fast food restaurant a block from the airport.  At the fast food place I found a fryer that reminded me of a friar, with his wise words and care free attitude. With my hunger for German food satisfied I went looking for something to do with the rest of my day.  I then realized that I was in Germany, home of the Autobahn.  I then raced to the nearest car rental establishment and rented a car.  I think it was a bad idea though when I asked the clerk Which way to the Autobahn?  I drove around in circles, trying to find my way there, and then I saw the sign that meant I was on the Autobahn and I floored it.  My car wasnt the best though so I topped of at 100km/h, a reasonable speed a road with no speed limit.  I drove to the end and back a few times them had to get the car back and get to the plane in time.


            Germany was a triumph, Im making a note here, huge success.  Its hard to overstate my satisfaction, this was one of those Veni, Vedi, Vechi moments, because I came, I saw, I conquered the Autobanh!!!



Sunday, November 11, 2007


            After my conquest of the Autobahn we headed to Paris, the city of love, art, and fine food, and I love the fine art of food.  Like in Germany I planned to eat traditional foods like escargot, pastas of every kind, and some fresh French baguettes, but unlike in Germany I had to go to an upscale restaurant.  I had to pay an arm and a leg to eat this cuisine, but it was well worth it for the tastes and flavors I experienced.  It was so good I had to go and thank the chef in person and complement him on his excellent cooking skills.  Soon after my feast I took a gondola ride down the canals of France where I fell asleep.  The driver saw this and demanded that I get off, but in a sleepy rebuttal I yelled at him and flipped him some major burnage. This was a really bad mistake, because he threw me overboard swearing in French as he did so.


            Wet and still half asleep I zombied back to the plane where I fell asleep.  Then another person started to bug me and again I yelled at him and flipped him some major burnage only to find it was my friends telling me to get on the plane.

Monday, November 12, 2007


            Portugal land of hmm I dont know what its the land of or what I could do here, but Preston insisted that we make a stop here.  I got off the plane still wondering why we stopped here, and then Preston burst from the plane bumping into a nun as he did so.  He didnt even stop to say sorry, so I did it for him.  I walked down the street looking for something interesting to do and I found a shop with the most peculiar sundry items.  Here I found the owner bargaining with a farmer that was trying to sell him vegetables I have never seen before.  At the back of the store I stumbled upon five men much like my friends and I, who were average and made a living.  I stepped out of the store and into a lady I apologized, but then I noticed she held a sign that read I am deaf please help me.

This made me fell even worse, I had not only walked into a lady but a deaf lady.  After my ordeal I continued my walk to nowhere in particular.  For the rest of my time in Portugal I continued so.


            I was the first at the airport, but the last on the plane I had to use the bathroom.  Portugal was an okay stop, but it wasnt alright, Preston is happy at least.



Tuesday, November 13, 2007 


Italian food is one of my favorite foods, so it was no wonder I could not wait to touch down in Italy.  I exited the plane calmly, learning for Prestons rude exit the day before, but as soon as I cleared the airport doors I ran to the nearest Italian food restaurant.  At the restaurant I chilled a while and ate lasagna, spaghetti, ravioli, and drank some awesome chardonnay vintage 1807.  With a full stomach and a slight case of inebriation a set out for Vatican City, to meet the pope.  I walked in and saw all kinds of priest, cleric, father, and any other Christian person possible.  I walked around in the church, while I was tipsy, for a long time I got lost, but eventually I found my way out.  I never got to see the pope, but I know he would have been down with me.

Tuesday December 18 2007

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