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Laurie\'s Semester in Spain

Culture shock hit the other night. I think it was a combination of having been out the whole night before in Sitges, and no one being in my apartment when I got up. I went to Sitges with a group of students to take part in the Carnaval festivities. It was crazy...one big mob of people dressed up in disfrazes to celebrate. Sitges is known for being a largely homosexual community. That was my impression as well. It was still a fun night--dancing and clinging to the people I was in hopes that I would not get lost in the crowd. We took the train back and arrived home at 8 AM Sunday. Classes are going well. I am also trying to work on my seminar which is turning into something more about culture shock. tomorrow I hope to go to Citadel Park and see some grass. I plan to do some sightseeing this weekend. I realize that I haven't been out and about in Barcelona--I mostly just go from the metro area around my school buildings to those around my apartment. Time to start really planning my time here. I am going to start checking out the museums on the free days.

Thursday February 22 2007

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posted 22 February 2007


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