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Rhona and backpack are Go!

Hooray! in bali and doing fine on the beach.

Singapore was really quite dull and I am glad to be away. My general feeling is that it is an entire city a bit like Disneyland - entirely motivated by cheap thrills and retail opportunities. And it is overly clean and everyone is over nice. Sorry, I probably sound a bit grumpy there but I was recovering from the bastard bed bug attack. I spent one day at Sentosa which is an island mostly reclaimed from the sea with various amusements and holiday locations on it. I went to Underwater world to try and remember the names of some fishes before going diving. It was perfectly pleasant but I was amazed at the people who didn't actually look at tany of the fishes, but just took pictires. One woman pushed me out of the way specifically to video the cases without ever actually looking in them. weird. The next day I went to the national museum which was actually incredibly good and thoroughly well designed. it had some fantastic  multi-media things and was very informative. I was, however, very excitied about getting on to bali to see Beth and Osyth.

I got here in the end at about eleven and they were both fast saleep after their mammoth 24 hour flights. It sounded nasty but the days since then have been very pleasantly occupied drinking too many cocktails and eating well. We are staying in Sanur which is quite a touristy resort but very beautiful. I have managed to get in two days of diving and finished my open water course (at last). It has been fantiastic tog et in the sea but very tiring. Todays dives were pepped up by me nearly sitting on a stone fish (quite deadly: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stonefish) and also seeing a blue spotted ray.   I have a slighty sore ear but I will get it checked before any further dives. Bethany and Osyth have had a lovely day at the spa in the meantime and are looking glowing a a result.

Tomorrow we are off to the Gilli islands, mainly for some chilled out beach action but apparently there is quite a party "scene" and Wednesday is a big night so we may try to stay up late and have a few (more) drinks.

Tuesday August 21 2007

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posted 21 August 2007


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