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Inter-Railing Europe '07

ljublijana is a really nice, relaxed city where everything is at a really slow pace. it was obvious that they have really developed much quicker than the other yugoslav countries and is not in the euro. we went to the castle and found a whole histopry of slovenia and the break up of yugoslavia after tito died. he great thing is that it is very smart and happening, but still relatively cheap. we even found a cutty sark pub with cider which we all very much enjoyed, not sure whether they know it has burnt down or no though, but we stayed quiet on that one! we then got a train to verona, where we are now, staying in an old church, but it different to our usual is its look out between 9 and 5 in the day and shut after midnight, convent and school are two words that have been used on a number of occasions now, and is not to everyones taste! we depart from paris tomorrow, our final destination berfore eurostar home next week.

Wednesday August 08 2007

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posted 08 August 2007


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