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Vince - The Glorious Land of the Lady-boys

Well we've managed to drag ourselves away from our busy explorations and post a blog for our faithful fans... First things first... IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CHEAP OUT HERE!!! and that's in BANGKOK... we have been informed that it gets even cheaper the further away from Bangkok we get so we are looking forward to that as well... As for the city itself, it has a habit of being rather charming in some areas and a total dump in others! what we didn't realise when we first got here was exactly how big it was... we soon learnt quickly that if we didn't take the underground network... that walking to the next station would take hours... none the less... we traversed the massive distances between the stations and finally gave in and got on the train... we had seen some pretty cool things on the way but by then my feet were well and truly mashed up and we had to go into a TESCOs of all places to buy some socks! A

Monday November 12 2007

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posted 12 November 2007


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