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Nea homa!

Ok, 2nd night in the big city...Today, we woke up at 7:00am to start our long day. We headed out of the hotel at about quarter to 9:00 and went straight for the bakery! We had charsiu bow (manapua), hotdog buns, an egg tart, coconut buns, and custard buns...and that was just for "morning tea" (signed Aunty Tala). We jumped on the #18 bus and headed for the office. Yup, we got on the bus all by ourselves. Once we picked up my Dad, we then went straight for to the Island Shangri La, a 5 start hotel in downtown Hong Kong that serves an amazing brunch. Unfortunately, the restaurant was full and the wait was 1.5 hours. That's too long for islanders to wait for food...so we headed to the JW Marriott hotel just around the corner and had brunch there. WOW, that was an AMAZING brunch! Our cousin also joined us for lunch as well.

We did some shopping and played a little pool at a nearby billard. Now we're back at the hotel and getting ready to go down to the disco. Our cousin is friends with the DJ and will "hook us up" with cheap drinks...I can tell already it's going to be a LONG night! Saipo, don't worry, I'll watch Sweetie and Michael and Yai and my cousin and my Dad....Wait, that's too many peeples for me to watch. Oh, I'll just give them a key and write on the front of their shirts what our room # is. :)

Ok, stay tuned for more fun and excitment! PARTY ON!


Sunday May 27 2007

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posted 27 May 2007


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