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Inter-Railing Europe '07

with two hours sleep and sleeping through our alarm, we ran to the station to cath our 7 a.m train to ploce, in southern Croatia where we wanted to head up to Split. the train journey took us throught the best country-side of bosnia...amazing views of snow-covered mountains and complete alpine wilderness. we passed through mostar which had been badly afftected by the war, where we saw bullet holes in sarajevo mostar was half rubble. we arrived in ploce and caught a bus to split, where we spent two nights before moving out to a small town called omis, where we spent 5 days at a camp site spitting distance from the beach and over 30 degrees everyday. was great to have the week to completly relax after all the cities we have been doing. saturday (4th august) we left and got an overnight train to Zagreb, where we found almost all the seats had been reserved, so not alot of sleep. however paddy and tommy stayed in a cabin with a 50 year old hungarian hippy who spent 22 years in america, and gasve some very interesting stories on america and how 9/11 was all planned by the government etc etc...we got a train to ljublijana from zagreb sunday morning, and spent two days there.

Wednesday August 08 2007

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